Baking Chicken with Sun Rays

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If the roast chicken is usually cooked in an oven or baked on charcoal, this one chicken is actually roasted in the sun. In fact, Sila Sutharat, a grocery store owner in Thailand must wear a welding mask before cooking the chicken.

Yes, the 60-year-old man found a clever way to offer slightly different dishes.

Sila even designed and made his own cookware that he used to reflect sunlight which would then ripen his chickens. It uses a large device made of nearly 1,000 mirrors that move in the sun.

Chickens that have been seasoned and then placed under the tool to roast the heat of the reflection of sunlight until cooked.

Although somewhat unique, this cooking method could make some people wonder.

“They say I’m crazy, cooking chicken like this is impossible,” he said, as quoted by page Straits Times.

Next to the kiosk just south of Bangkok, a row of chickens dried in the sun looks so shiny after being soaked in spices for a long time.

This is because the solar reflector produces great heat, so its function is not much different from the oven. This roasted chicken only takes 12 minutes to cook.

Previously, for the last 20 years, Sila baked chicken just like most people in its place. But after the video of his solar stove was launched online, people from all over Thailand flocked to his kiosk located in Phetchaburi province.

Sila said that the idea came out in 1997 when he was exposed to the sunlight reflected by the bus window.

“I think, with the heat reflected in the window from the sun, I might be able to turn it into energy,” he added.

Sila said that compared to the traditional charcoal grill, the cooking method he uses makes the meat more tender and mature evenly.

In addition, given Thailand’s hot tropical climate, the sun is a free, clean and truly sustainable energy source.

“At that time (the last 20 years), energy such as gasoline and gas is becoming more expensive and suppliers are also out of wood for sale,” he recalled.


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