Some Mistakes When Taking a Shower

One of the best ways to calm the body after sun exposure and re-work is to take a shower or a bath. Various benefits of bathing are already widely discussed, but hardly anyone is present every time bathing, there are some common mistakes that are often done.

Here are some mistakes that people often do when shower, as reported by the Times of India page.

  • Water Temperature

Cold or warm water is a pretty crucial choice when you take a shower. In summer, cold water or room temperature should be used.

And during winter, use warm water nails to bathe. However, use water with room temperature to wash your head. Avoid also the use of water that is too hot because it can make the skin dry, cause dandruff, and make hair dry.

  • Frequent shipping shampoo

Too often use shampoo and conditioner can torture your hair. The results of research that says if you want hair care products, should run several factors.

Among them are seasonal changes, dietary patterns, age, use of chemical products, and certain medical treatments, which make hair care products. We recommend using a soft shampoo and conditioner.

  • Use excessive soap

Use excessive soap with a lot of foam for you to avoid. Because, this can dry the natural oils from the body, and make the skin itchy and dry. The use of too much soap can also release skin diseases such as eczema.

  • Rinse the soap

Rinse the soap in the body thoroughly because the remaining soap is stuck and immediately dried with items that will cause skin irritation.

  • Wiping the skin with goods

Should dry body by lightly patting innate luggage. Because rubbing or rubbing the body roughly using a battery that can make skin irritation.

In addition, avoid wrapping your hair using time in a long time. This can make you fragile and fall out.

  • Shower too long

Duration of the bath is too long will make your skin dry. In addition, it can also make skin rashes and itching. Ten minutes is the optimal time you spend bathing.


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