Do not Dispose of Banana Skin, You Need to Know What Benefits Of Its

In addition to being eaten directly, bananas become a favorite as a mixture to make a smoothie or oats. If you often use organic bananas, you should not remove the banana skin.

Know the healthy reason why banana skin can be beneficial to the body.

  • Banana peel is known to contain vitamin A and lutein, which is beneficial for eye health. These vitamins can also help prevent cataracts and eye diseases from aging, macular degeneration.
  • Other content contained in the banana peel is a tryptophan and serotonin hormone enhancers that can improve mood. The levels of these two substances will increase as the bananas are ripe.
  • Fruit bananas are known as a source of potassium. Apparently, the mineral is mostly found in the banana skin. Potassium will combine with sodium for fluid and electrolyte balance, regulate heart rate, and protect the body from heart disease.
  • The concentration of antioxidants is also quite high in the banana skin. As is known, antioxidants can help prevent cancer.
  • As with apples, banana peels also contain soluble and insoluble fiber in water. The benefit is to slow digestion and make longer satiety. Both are very important if you want to lose weight.



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