Unique, Tea Bag Like a Sea Monster

Japanese tea bag manufacturer, Ocean-Teabag, made a new innovation of tea bags made of various marine animals. Tea sipping does not feel boring with a round shape and a box that is often encountered at this time.

Ocean-Teabag originally made a tea bag resembling dolphins that contained bluish-colored tea leaves. Water mixed with tea leaves will later change the color to a very beautiful blue sea.

Convinced that the product will be in demand among the tea-lovers, Ocean-Teabag makes tea bags in the form of other animals such as turtles (jasmine tea), Mola-mola or sunfish (hojicha, Japanese tea), manta rays (manga tea) And wild sharks (herbal teas).

The latest form issued by tea producers is shaped sea cucumber (sea cucumber). This tea contains jasmine tea and sea cucumber powder. For those with a sensitive tongue perhaps can feel a slightly unique taste in this tea.

The Ocean-Teabag also released a series of other unique shapes inspired by deep-sea spooky animals such as monster-faced fish, giant isopods, or horseshoe crabs and oarfish, a sea monster made with a length of 19 centimeters.


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