The Most Healthy Way of Cooking Mushrooms

Not everyone likes mushrooms because of its tastes. Actually, these foods actually contain important nutrients. In order for the nutritional components in it are not lost, know the most healthy way of processing mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a healthy food because they contain high fiber, protein, amino acids, vitamins (including B1, B2, B12, C, D, and E), as well as minerals. In addition, the fungus is also low in fat and calories.

According to experts from Spain, the composition of fungi, antioxidant ability, and nutritional content, easily damaged by the cooking process.

In a study published in the International Journal of Food Science, experts concluded that the healthiest way to process mushrooms is by baking or cooking in a microwave.

When fried or boiled, the ability of antioxidants in the fungus will be reduced a lot. Fried mushrooms will also lose protein and carbohydrates, but the fat increases.

“Boiling and frying will reduce levels of protein and antioxidants, possibly because of the solubility of soluble content in water or oil,” says Irene Roncero, a researcher.

In his research, Roncero and his team compared the influence of various ways of cooking on four types of mushrooms, namely button mushrooms, shiitake, oyster mushrooms and king oyster mushrooms. Cooking methods examined include boiled, roasted, fried, and cooked in a microwave. The nutrients in the fungus are raw and cooked after compared.


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