Future Sports Clothes

No matter how good the technology used in your sportswear, the fact remains difficult to make our bodies do not flood sweat while exercising. However, the condition in the future can be avoided.

The latest technology introduced by the team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) claims can prevent our sweatshirts and sweatpants wet by sweat after running or running in a gym.

The research team from MIT created sportswear and running shoes that will keep the body cool through the folds of vents that will open and close based on body temperature.

The ventilation fold is more or less like a bio-responsive air conditioner. The secret? Microbial cells. Yes, they use live bacteria to keep our body cool while exercising.

Some types of bacteria are very responsive to moisture. In other words, they will shrink or enlarge according to how hot or sweat from the surroundings.

To improve the ability of our sports gear, the scientists used the bacteria commonly used in fermentation on ventilation folds. These bacteria are harmless and safe for the body.

The bacterial cells will work like sweat sensors. When the body temperature is cold, the vent folds are closed, but when the sweat starts, the cells will push open ventilation to keep the body temperature cool.

To be sure, the material used in the shirt will not stop the production of sweat. “The reason we sweat is due to the production of body heat during exercise,” said Wen Wang, a researcher on the project.

He explained that the evaporation of sweat can remove heat and lower body temperature to a safe level. The latest technology on this sportswear has been tested and gives the expected results.

“The results of this study could have a major impact on the future of sports equipment,” he said.

According to Wang, in the future sportswear can also be made able to release certain aromas, such as flowers or masculine wood scent. So, during exercise, our bodies will remain dry, cool, while providing fragrance.


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