The Reason Mushrooms Can Not Be Fried And Steamed

Ever wondered the best way to cook mushrooms without sacrificing their nutritional content? Some scientists from the Mushroom Technological Research Center in La Rioja, Spain have the answer for the best way of processing mushrooms.

Reporting on The Kitchn’s pages, mushrooms can be cooked in many ways, but some cooking techniques can make them lose their nutritional content. The study, published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, compares the nutritional profile of four popular mushrooms (white button mushrooms, shiitake, oysters and king oysters) before and after cooking.

They see how different cooking methods such as burning, frying, steaming, baking and cooking using a microwave can affect the nutrient content in the fungus.

The scientists then discovered that steaming and frying became a bad choice, because steaming resulted in loss of vitamins and frying resulted in the loss of protein and increased fat content of the fungus.

“Frying and steaming results in more severe damage to protein and antioxidant compounds, perhaps because the solute is exposed to too much water or oil, which can significantly affect the nutritional value of the end product,” says Irene Roncero, one of the study’s authors.

From a nutritional standpoint, burning and cooking it in a microwave are two of the best techniques for preserving mushroom nutrients. Both of these techniques improve a small amount of nutrients and increase the antioxidant levels of the fungus.

“When mushrooms are cooked in microwave or baked, the content of polyphenols and antioxidant activity increases significantly, and there is no harm in the nutritional value of cooked mushrooms,” Roncero said.

Roncero also said that mushrooms can also be roasted, because the small amount of oil will not cause nutrient damage.


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