3 Sports Tips Without Underwear

When exercising, have you ever felt uncomfortable with your underwear? Too cramped or maybe too loose? As a result of sports activity to be unproductive, because you have to back and forth correct bra straps down or underwear that is not in position. For this reason, some people prefer to wear sportswear without underwear. The following tips as quoted from Self, Friday (19/05/2017).

  1. Choose sportswear from a safe and comfortable material

“Choose a material that is completely safe for you – it’s more a matter of habit or preference,” explains Marina Maslovaric, M.D., an obstetrician at HM Medical in Orange County, California. The key is to make sure the pants or leggings you wear are made of cotton or something that is advertised as “sweat-wicking”. Avoid pants made from synthetic, because it can cause irritation.

  1. Wet sweat change quickly

Immediately change wet clothes with sweat with dry clothes, to keep you from the risk of vaginal infections. “For some vulnerable people, sitting in wet sports clothes from sweat throughout the day can make things worse, as well as uncomfortable,” says Maslovaric.

  1. Wash the leggings

Wash pants or leggings every consumable. Many fitness fans wear leggings several times before they are washed. This is because if you wear leggings without panties, the vagina will be in direct contact with the pants, which means exercise equipment will collect bacteria faster.

If you follow this recommendation, go ahead and leave the body part free of disease. Make sure the leggings are thick enough, so as not to see through.


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