5 Benefits Shower In The Morning With Cold Water

A warm bath in the morning does feel good. The body becomes more relaxed. But it turn out a cold shower in the morning is more beneficial to health.

What are the benefits of a morning shower with cold water? Here are the five positive things you can get from a shower with cold water, quoted from the page Purewow, Friday (05/26/2017).

  • Better Than Caffeine

Bathing with cold water in the morning gives a refreshing effect so the body is more awake. The cold water temperature will “shock” the body and increase the heart rate thus triggering blood circulation throughout the body faster.

The good news, you do not need every morning cold shower to get the benefits. If you use warm water and then end it with cold water was enough to make the body more awake.

  • Make Hair And Skin More Beautiful

Hot or warm water tends to make the skin dry. While cold water is able to cool the body, reduce puffiness, and shrink pores and lock moisture. You will get soft, fresh skin and hair.

  • Lets You Lose Weight

When we are cold, brown fat becomes active and burns calories to keep the body warm.

A study conducted in Scandinavian countries found that exposure to cold temperatures in the body increases brown fat metabolism up to 15 times that can make you lose weight approximately 4kg in a year.

  • Be Happier

A study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses found a cold shower for two to three minutes for more than two weeks improved mood better. Researchers even suggested that a cold shower could be used to treat depression.

  • Improving the Immune System

Studies conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University show, manid with cold water on a regular basis can increase the levels of white blood cells.

This study supports previous research conducted in Germany that found, individuals who take cold water for two minutes are not susceptible to flu than those who bathe with warm water.


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