How To Clean Blender With Just 30 Seconds

Making a juice, smoothie, or baby food, it becomes easy and fast with the help of a blender. However, often people are lazy to wash the blender with difficult and troublesome reasons. Understandably, the remaining food is often attached to the bottom of the blender near the blade.

This then makes people often leave dirty blender in the sink, or kitchen sink in the kitchen and delay to wash it.

In fact, there is a way to clean the blender in a fast way, which is only 30 seconds. You also do not have to bother to wash as usual.

Quoted from The Kitchn, all you need is a warm water and a little dishwashing liquid soap. Below is a step by step cleaning blender with just 30 seconds:

  1. Pour the warm water into the blender you want to wash. Fill the warm water to half the size of the blender.
  2. Then put one drop of liquid dish soap into it. Close the blender tightly.
  3. The next step is to put the blender back on the machine and hold the lid with a towel. Turn on the blender and leave it on for about 10 seconds.
  4. Finally, defecate in a blender and rinse the blender with warm water evenly.
  5. Dry with a tissue or clean kitchen towel. Blender you back clean and ready to use again.

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