More Healthy Cooking With 3 Tips On Processing Meat Ala Farah Quinn

Food is very important to maintain a healthy body, including how to process a good and right food. For that, Chef Farah Quinn shares three tips to process meat to be healthier and still delicious. Here are some of these ways, such as those exhibited at the launch of Russell Hobbs, Monday (08/05/2017).

  • Process Chicken Meat

It turns out to process chicken meat to be healthy food is quite easy. Choose texas holdem poker chicken meat on the chest and boil with spices until smooth evenly. Then the chicken breast is put in the oven or roasted without using oil.

“If the stew in time, chicken meat will be harder. Simply spice only spices, directly fried without oil to keep the meat juicy,” said Chef Farah Quinn.

  • Processing Beef

For those of you who love to eat steak but want to stay healthy, tips from texas poker Chef Farah can be applied immediately. One of the favorite ways from the Chef that have one child is to prepare beef to be steak one day before. The first stage of meat is cut, and cuts of steak and smeared with Thai spices, fish sauce, and chili. The meat is roasted without using oil.

  • Avoiding Oil

Chef Farah Quinn admitted, if already at home then the rules will be more stringent eating than is traveling around the world. One is to eat healthy foods without using texas holdem poker oil. Because in one spoon of oil itself there have been 14 grams of fat consumed directly. Chef Farah also avoids fried food, to keep the diet healthy.


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