Nutritionist Explains How To Cook Chicken In Healthy Way

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed meats in Indonesia. Chicken is present on the dining table with various ways of processing, ranging from fried until patched. Then, actually how to cultivate a chicken like what the heck, a healthy?

Chicken cooking methods can have a significant impact on the intake of fat and calories that enter the body. According to nutrition experts, cultivating chicken by boiling it is the healthiest.

“The healthiest way to cook a chicken is by boiling it because you do not include ingredients other than chicken and water to boil,” said nutritionist Rebecca Lewis, as quoted Women’s Health, Tuesday (05/16/2017).

When boiling four ounces of chicken, it only contains 120 calories with 1.4 grams of fat in it.

Of course, the taste of chicken that is just boiled is not delicious. One way to make it so delicious by processing it into a soup added with a variety of vegetables and spices are lavish.


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