The Most Ideal Place To Store Eggs Is Not In The Refrigerator

Good House Keeping editor, Sara Bawell, believes that storing eggs in the refrigerator is not the right way. According to her, the refrigerator can actually damage the quality of the eggs to eat so we do not get the benefits intact.

Sara then looked for the texas holdem poker most ideal way to store eggs. After a lot of experiments, he finally found one way, at least this for him, that is by putting eggs in the box.

“Then place the box in the middle of the shelf in the kitchen to avoid the eggs from the temperature change,” her said quoted from the site My News Hub and Good House Keeping on Sunday (14/05/2017).

The temperature inside the texas poker box is not like the one in the refrigerator. The average temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. And, not infrequently also the temperature in the refrigerator to change, which without us consciously affect the quality of eggs in it.

“The refrigerator is the place to store the most inappropriate eggs because the temperature is not stable, resulting in the thinning of the white egg,” he added.

The debate over the right place to store eggs has been going on since four years ago. Some of the food research institutes in New York were asked to make comparisons between eggs stored in texas holdem poker refrigerators and elsewhere.


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