2 Smart Ways To Overcome Smoking Addiction

Smoking can make a person addicted. This is because the cigarette contains addictive substances, called nicotine. The influence of nicotine can cause addiction (hooked) on a person.

In this case, a one-time smoker has the potential to smoke continuously and make smoking a habit of life. If smoking has become a texas poker habit, it is difficult to eliminate the habit.

However, there are ways to overcome smoking addiction.

During the interviewed at the Media Meetings of The 4th Indonesia Conference on Tobacco or Health 2017 at the Ministry of Health, Jakarta, Friday (12/5/2017), Head of Disease Control and Chronic Diseases Control, Directorate of Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases Ministry of Health, Dr. Theresia Sandra Dia Ratih, MHA revealed some of her special trick.

  • Intention

Anything you do must require intention. From the intention, hope to achieve the game poker target can be achieved. If you intend to stop smoking, then you will stop smoking.

Even if you are tempted by a friend who smokes, strong willpower intentions will not tempt you back to smoke.

  • Counseling

After a strong intention, quitting smoking can be helped by counseling. Sandra said, the Ministry of Health already has a counseling service to quit smoking.

“People have been able to counsel about smoking, especially aimed at providing counseling to stop smoking, people can call free to 0800-177-6565. We will also call back to the person who calls us to ask how far are they effort to stop smoking,” he explained.

The existence of this counseling is not widely used by the community because of the new soft launching last year. So is this counseling effective?

“Actually, come back to the intentions It’s hard to get rid of a habit. When we suddenly tell someone to stop texas poker smoking. He will be confused. The effect happens, the tongue feels bad, sour, and bitter. There is also a feeling dizzy, cannot think. This condition usually lasts about two weeks to a month,” said Dr. Sandra.



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