Benefits Of Women Do Weight Training

Most women think that doing weightlifting will have a muscular body. Simply do cardio exercise according to them already help make the body be healthy and ideal. In fact, there are other benefits that can be obtained from weight training you know. What is that?

“Women still need weight training to maintain texas holdem poker their muscle mass,” added the sports medicine specialist from Slim and Health Clinic at Mitra Kemayoran Hospital and Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta, Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO.

Furthermore, women who do game poker weight training is becoming more muscular than other women. But hormonally would not be as big as a male muscle.

“Therefore weight training should be tailored to the goal,” said Dr. Michael, greeting familiar.

Dr. Michael added if the goal is to tighten the body the simply practice using their own weight. However, if you want to be bigger it would require a more suitable weight.

Some time ago delivered by Dr. A. Andi Kurniawan, SpKO, from Indonesia Sports Medicine Center, in addition, to build muscle, weight training also has benefits, among others, increase the body’s metabolism and also improve the performance for texas poker daily activities to be more flexible.

In addition, a study conducted at a university in the United States also shows that weight training can reduce the risk of osteoporosis-related fractures in women aged 50-70 who have experienced menopause.

“With proportional weight training, bones get mechanical stress that will stimulate bones to increase their density, thus preventing game poker bone loss or so-called osteoporosis.” explained Dr. Andi.


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