5 Extreme Ice Swimming Sports Benefits For Body

Ice swimming, swimming at 5 degrees Celsius, not just swimming in the ice sea. Behind the chill that is ambushed, there are a number of benefits that are good for the health of the body.

Quoted from CNN, here are 5 benefits of swimming in ice water:

  • Overcome Depression

A study in 2008 called jackpot swimming in ice water can be an alternative therapy for depressed patients. Swimming in ice water can active the sympathetic nervous system. which increases levels of noradrenaline and beta-endorphins in the blood.

Endorphins are the hormone responsible for pleasure and happiness. In addition to depression, swimming in the ice can also overcome mood disorders and release stress.

  • Relieves Inflammation

Inflammation that occurs in the body is said to experts can subside by applying cold water or ice water. Dr. Jonathan Packer, an orthopedic expert from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said this practice is commonly done by athletes.

“Cryotherapy is an activity to soak the body for 10 minutes in games slot online ice water that can help speed up the healing of injuries and relieve inflammation,” he said.

  • Streamlining Blood Flow

Another benefit of swimming in ice water is to smooth the flow of blood. The benefits of the smooth flow of blood are felt varying from the improvement of cognitive function to enlarge power.

“It is a claim of jackpot swimmers that they claim to be easier remembering, having greater energy and even helping to increase libido,” said Dr. Packer.

  • Reduce Chronic Pain

The chronic pain felt by patients is said to be improved by swimming in ice water. There is no clear explanation as to why this happened. But according to Dr. Packer, the cold sensation makes the nerves numb so that the pain becomes less pronounced.

  • Burn Some Calories

Swimming on ice water makes someone burn some calories than swimming in a swimming pool. This is because the cooler water makes the games slot online body work harder, which of course takes more energy.

“Swimming in the sea of ice not just reach the finish line, but also keep the body temperature does not drop by constantly moving,” said Dr.Packer.


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