Do Not Use Oil When Cooking Pasta

A pasta dish with sauce and a sprinkling of cheese on top is one of the most favored dishes. As with pizza, Italian food is also starting to favor a lot of food lovers in Indonesia.

So no wonder, if many are selling this dish in a raw jackpot state to formulate yourself at home. Unlike the appetizing looks, cooking pasta is not necessarily as easy as it is.

Some people, often wrong and mistaken when cooking it. Reported from The Sun page, Chef Fabio Viviani said, laziness causes lovers of pasta to be wasteful of oil when it must cook it.

As is well known, the way the pasta does not stick to each other when cooked is by mixing the oil when boiling the pasta. Generally, people use games slot online olive oil. However, according to Fabio, this is just a mistake.

“I think the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard about cooking pasta is the ones who waste olive oil into the jackpot water, to keep it from sticking,” he said.

He added that the best way to prevent sticky pastes and stick to each other is not to include oil, but by continuing to stir the pasta while it is being boiled.

“It’s a lie (adding oil to the pasta does not stick). This is pointless. You have to be there stirring your games slot online pasta to keep it from sticking,” he added.


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