Want To Lose Weight? Try To Use A Red Color Plate

If you’re planning to lose weight by now, try changing the color of your plate to the red one. Experts call the red coloring mats can help ‘control’ the appetite excess.

As stated by the psychologist from the University of Oxford, England, Charles Spence, red color can signal to the brain, which then can make you do not want to overeat.

Meanwhile, eating on a white plate (as people usually have) can make texas holdem poker food taste sweeter. This unconscious condition can make you eat more.

“Consumption of food on a red plate can make you eat less because the red color triggers a similar signal like a danger signal so your appetite can be more controlled and you do not eat too much,” said Spence, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Previously Spence also once said the benefits of changing the color of the plate to the food portion setting. Quoted from jackpot Health, he mentioned the habit of choosing a color plate that contrast with the color of food can also help control the portion of the meal.

Eating rice, for example, portions will become more controlled if you consume them using a contrasting colored plate like black or red. If you just use a plate that is also white, you will be eating more because the color is similar.

This is in line with research conducted by Dr. Brian Wansink, from Cornell University’s Food & Brand Lab, USA. He reveals that the colors around the eating place greatly affect the portion of the texas poker meal, as weel as satiety. The colors are included on the dining room wall, the lighting of the lamp. as well as the color of the plate itself.

“Certain colors can make your appetite increase, or even decrease, and it is advisable to use a plate with a color that contrasts with the color of your food,” says Wansink.

Not only when eating rice, this ‘rule’ of color is also recommended when you consume dessert like texas holdem poker ice cream. Wansink says while eating vanilla ice cream, for example, you are more advisable to use a dark-colored container. Conversely, when eating chocolate ice cream, you should use brightly colored containers such as white or yellow. “The higher the contrast, the smaller the portion of food you’ll want to consume,” he added.


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