The Benefits of Stretching Muscle After Waking Up

After waking up, often we have the urge to stretch the muscles of the body. This morning’s stretch has many benefits.

Reported by Livestrong. Monday (01/05/2017) the following is a benefit of stretching the body when you wake up.

  • Muscle Flexing

While sleeping muscles tend to become stiff. The reason, during texas holdem poker sleep sometimes you lie in the same position for a long time.

Therefore, after waking up, it is important for you to stretch your body so that the muscles become more flexible. When the muscles are back flexible, daily activities will be easier to do.

  • Ease The Joints

Based on game poker Healthy Back Institute, pain and stiff joints in the morning can be caused by lack of physical activity and get insufficient sleep.

Muscle stretching in the morning will increase movement in joints. Often do stretches in the morning to avoid joint and bone disease, such as arthritis.

  • Improve Blood Circulation

Not only makes the body feel better, stretching the muscles also makes you more enthusiastic. When you wake up, your heart rate is still slowing down.

Stretching the muscles can increase texas holdem poker blood flow quickly and get to the muscle. Good blood circulation helps the body to function optimally.

  • Eliminates Stress

Sometimes it feels difficult to get out of bed. Shadows must undergo a hectic and exhausting day, which triggers a sense of stress.

By stretching the muscle it can overcome tense then game poker calm the mind. Try to stretch for 30 seconds before starting your day.


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