This Unique Sport Performed While Taking Afternoon Nap

Various studies show an active lifestyle or simple exercise can prolong one’s life. Having friends while exercising also motivates people to become more active. Given the phenomenon, a fitness center (gym) named David Lloyd Clubs offers a new type of sport.

The gym that located in England, allows individuals to sleep while burning calories. This sport is called Napercise, a nap class that begins and end with stretching releasing tension only after 45 minutes of deep sleep.

The gym provides texas poker beds, blankets, pillows, and eye masks for participants who will apply for this afternoon nap. The equipment is to make sure each member is comfortable during the session.

Space, where Napercise takes place, is regulated at temperatures that encourage burning calories even during sleep. The effects, weight loss, is no longer just a dream for texas holdem poker people who are tired, according to Tech Times, Saturday (29/4/2017).

Napercise, Effective or Not

Experts advise, napping is actually beneficial to the body and helps people feel more refreshed and alert. The perfect nap is about 20 minutes.

In the texas holdem poker David Lloyd Clubs nap room, the entire nap session is designed to allow participants to sleep for 45 minutes.

Research in 2015 also shows, nap for 45-60 minutes can increase the memory of the brain up to five-fold. There is also research that shows, napping for 90 minutes is the best nap time.

But busy people do not really have much time to take a nap. Napercise seems to still be the right choice for people who want to pay for sleep.



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