Avoid Using Tissues In A Toilet Seat

To prevent germs or bacteria attached to the skin, not infrequently we put a tissue in the toilet seat. But wait, experts claim it does not need to be done.

As reported by Boldsky, Wednesday (19/4/2017), there are several reasons that make experts think so.

  • The Toilet Seat Has Been Designed Anti-Germs

Did you know, toilet seats have been designed in such a way to repel jackpot germs. That is why, if you observe the chair it is rounded curved with a smooth texture.  That’s to prevent germs from living there.

  • Most Of The Germs In The Toilet Can’t Breed

Most of the germs in the toilet may not reproduce or just stick to your skin. So keep the cleanliness after urination or defecate.

  • We Will Not Get Sick Right Away Using Dirty Toilets

Humans will not get sick immediately after using game slot online the toilet. But if you use a public toilet that is too dirty, you should avoid using it. Even tissues alone can not save you from germs that enter the body.

  • The Skin Is Protective

Yes, skin is the first barrier that acts directly to deny many germs.

  • There Are Other Places That Are More Germs

Although we regard the toilet as the dirtiest place that carries germs. the study says that the kitchen sink and sponge that you use to wash dishes has more germs. So even with the dispenser, door handles and hand dryers.

  • The Surface Of Toilets Tissue Is Different

The surface of the toilet tissue can allow game slot online bacteria to stay. That’s why you should not use it to wipe your face, nose or other parts because germs can get into your body.

  • Wash Your Hands Is Most Important

To avoid germs, wash your hands with warm water and soap and rub for half a minute is much more important.

  • Squat Toilets is Better

Another reason why we do not need a jackpot tissue in the toilet seat because we should be advised to squat while urinating and defecate. This will make the body part is not contacted with the toilet seat.



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