Best Water Temperature To Brush Teeth

Oral and body hygiene is a fundamental need that is interconnected with each other. In fact, oral health is repeatedly associated with the general health of humans so that should get the important attention and optimal.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of conflicting information about ways of dental care, of how often we have to brush our teeth to the water temperature we should use.

The celebrity dentist, Dr. Richard Marques, known as The King of blackjack Smiles for his talent in helping the rich people and get brilliant smiles with mesmerizing white teeth, shared some of his tips.

  • Try Warm Water

Dr. Marques, based in London explains cold is the usual type of poker 21 water used when brushing your teeth because it gives you a refreshing feeling, but warm water can be better for those with sensitive teeth.

However, he also advised not to use water that is too hot. “Very hot water can damage your toothbrush in the long-term and also risk burning your mouth,” he added.

  • Brush Your Teeth Manually

Dr. Marques also suggested switching electric toothbrushes with a manual toothbrush to obtain a more thorough cleaning method.

In addition, the manual toothbrush also prevents you brushing your teeth too hard because the speed and pressure are set by your own blackjack hands.

  • Keep The Toothbrush Even Though The Gums Bleed

Dr. Marques says that you do not have to worry if the gums bleed. Because the gums will heal and change from inflamed and bleeding to be healthy and back pink.


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