Running One Hour In A Week Can Extend Age

Scientist says, running for an hour a week is the most effective exercise to improve life expectancy. No matter how far and how fast you run.

Research conducted at Lowa State University re-analyzed data from The Cooper Institute in Texas and also re-examined the results of a number of other recent studies that look at the link between exercise and death. The researchers found that texas holdem poker recent reviews reinforce the results of previous studies.

Regardless of speed and mileage, the risk of death can fall by up to 40 percent when someone routinely runs.

Even this remains true, when the researchers control smoking habits, drink alcohol, or various health problems such as obesity.

They followed the participants for 15 years and found that over 3,000 people died, only a third of deaths caused by texas poker heart disease.

Study author Dr. Duck-chul Lee, a professor of kinesiology at Lowa State University revealed that, when the study was published, the research team was hunted with questions as to whether other activities such as walking also had the same benefits.

Long distance runners also question whether they are overreacting, because, at some point, running can indeed lead to premature death.

After analyzing the data in this new study, the researchers determined that from hour to hour, statistically ran to restore of a person’s lifetime.

In the study of game poker The Cooper Institute, participants reported that they averaged a two-hour walk per week.

The researchers also revealed that the study participants who were not runners, but run the sport during the study, proved to reduce the death rate 16 percent and who suffered a heart attack 25 percent less.

Other types of exercises also prove useful. Walking and cycling texas holdem poker lowered the risk of premature death by about 12 percent.

Dr. Lee said, the researchers are still not sure why running can help extend life. But according to him, it is possible because the sport is fighting many common risk factors causing early death, including high blood pressure and excess body fat, especially in the middle of the body.

However, running will not make you eternal and life expectancy is longer than three years. Improvement in texas poker life expectancy generally increased by about four hours each week. Dr. Lee said.



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