Prevent And Treat Cyst With Soursop Leaves

The cyst is disease that affects many female reproductive organs. Some are benign and malignant that can spread to other parts of the body.

According to the Wikipedia page, the cyst is a benign tumor that is often texas poker found. It looks cystic, contain thick liquid, and some are like wine. A cyst also contains air, liquid, pus, or other ingredients.

Besides treatment from the doctor, a cyst can also prevent and treated with texas holdem poker traditional herb. One of them is a herb from soursop leaf. Soursop has a unique sour taste, gentle while eating it. The fruit that lives in the tropical area has many benefits.

High Vitamin C content makes soursop leaves very good to increase endurance and premature aging. The soursop also rich in acetogenins ingredients that are excellent to expel various type of cyst, tumors, and cancer.

Here’s how to make a potion of soursop leaves to prevent and treat various kind of cyst:

Material :

  1. 10 sheets of soursop leaves (not too young and not too old)
  2. 3 glasses of water

The way of processing:

  1. Clean the soursop leaves
  2. Boil 10 sheets of soursop leaves into 3 glasses of water
  3. If it is boiling, reduce the heat and wait until the water is left 1 glass and
  4. After that, the potion can be directly to drink

Drink this herb as much as 2 times a day, do it regularly. Side effects will be felt after drinking game poker this herb. The body will feel hot, indicating the potion are reacting. It will not last long.


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